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US Open 9-Ball Championships

Welcome to the U.S.Open 9-Ball Championships. This year marks the 39th Annual U.S.Open. The Dates are October 13 - October 18, 2014. This event will be held at the Marriott Chesapeake - Norfolk Convention Center.

The U.S.Open is The Longest Run and Most Prestigious 9-Ball Event in the world. The field is limited to 128 Players. Entry is $750.00. Tickets go on sale July 1.

Want to watch the world's Greatest Players compete to win the Worlds Most Spectatcular 9-Ball Event? Learn More here!

There's an early bird special for purchasing the entire 6 day stream but it's only good until the 10th; find all the information here:


News from around the world about every major event. Results, new products, new tournaments, live streaming, instructional articles and the internet's largest community forum.

NYC Grind

News from events primarily around New York City but also high quality reports for national and global events.

On The Break News hosts 3 regional pool magazines, one for the east coast, west coast and central United States. Results from medium to large size tournaments from within each region. Interviews with key players and manufacturers are also included. They also offer some free streams once in a while.

Derby City Classic
JAN. 20 - JAN. 28, 2017
Call (812) 288-7665 for Information

Horseshoe Southern Indiana Elizabeth, Indiana
Matches will be played on approx. (60) 9’ DIAMOND SMART TABLES
Tour Blue Simonis 860 - Cyclop Traditional Pool Balls

Players must enter all three divisions to be eligible for the ALL-AROUND CHAMPIONSHIP AWARDS to see who is truly the 2017 Master of the Table.

BUY-IN OPTION: One (1) Buy-In Option is allowed per player, per division.The Buy-In option is $50 9-Ball Bank, $75 1-pocket, $100 9-Ball.Buy-In Option must be exercised before the drawing of the next round.Buy-In Option monies go toward All-Around Championship Awardand promotion of the Derby City Classic.From 5th round on, you are automatically rebuying!

PUMP-UP MINI’S - See ScheduleMini-tournaments will be held during the 9-day Extravaganza in 9-ball, One-Pocketand 9-Ball Bank. See schedule. Using added money from outsidesponsors and small entry fees, players will have an added opportunity to win prizemoney and the enjoyment of practicing an old skill or a new one.


Remit check or money order no later than January 14, 2017.Late entry fees will be accepted at The Derby City Classic Tournament OfficeThursday, January 19, 4-10 p.m. VIP and VIP TV seats arenon-refundable and non-transferable

Spectator Information

VIP $185.00
VIP TV $240.00

3 Day VIP Finals Pass
Jan. 28th, 29th, and 30th
VIP $105.00

General Admission $100.00

General Admission $6.00
VIP $10.00

General Admission $9.00
VIP $15.00

General Admission $15.00
VIP $25.00

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BEF Foundation

A truly wonderful organization helping young player achieve their goals. Sponsorships and fundraising activities available.

The Action Report

Though TAR is no longer making new videos, they were for the last eight years the single best source for action matches between professional players. You can still purchase their videos through a video on-demand system they've implemented. Each video is available for a full year and is crazy affordable. Some of the best history and stories from professional pool can be found in these videos.


Everything you have ever wanted to know about one-pocket, a wonderful game of strategy and creativity. Even the best players in the world never stop learning this game, unlike rotation games or 8-ball. It is known as "the chess of pool." Considering the fact that a single rack can take hours it doesn't strike everyone’s fancy at first, but play it for a few weeks and you'll change your mind.

Inside Pool Magazine

A long-time standard in the billiards world. News coverage plus interviews with organizers and billiard product company owners. Also hosting several free live streams from various events around the country, including the Derby City Classic.

Billiards Digest

Another long-time standard source of pool news and information from every player in the industry. Also showcasing instructional articles and hosting a great collection of pool videos and montages of individual players.

A great site for building table diagrams with ball layouts and directional lines. You can build multi-page diagrams and flip through an entire rack if you wish, with layouts for barboxes, big tables, and carom tables, as well as printable templates. There is also a good forum available with plenty of examples, drills, and "What would you do in this situation?" discussions.


PoolDawg is a great online retail shop for everything you need related to billiards.


This website offers online tournament bracket generation and progress tracking. Automatically moving players through to the next round of matches.

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