Local Resources

St. Louis has many resources available locally to pool players. Perhaps the most valuable is an expert considered by the worldwide billiards community to be the best instructor teaching today: Mark Wilson. Mark is the captain of the United States’ 2014 Mosconi Cup team, and spearheaded a billiards program at Lindenwood University for which he is the head coach.

Our city is also home to several well known and highly respected cue builders. Jim Buss, Jerry Terbrock, and Josh Treadway all reside locally, so when an area pool player decides to have a quality cue crafted by a master, it’s as simple as choosing which of our local experts will make it. There are several other cuemakers. in this region as well.

Other Resources

In addition to local resources, there is a myriad of instructional resources available online to all players ranging from accessories to video training sessions. Below is a short list of some of the most popular and respected online resources.

  • Accu-Stats Video Productions
  • Dr. Dave's Collection of Billiard Science and Instructional Videos
  • The largest online pool community.
  • AND MORE!!!

Of course, pool is a sport that requires a wide variety of equipment, and once pool players acquire what they need to play pool, then they’re free to add to the never-ending list of supplies they want. Since this is a perpetual process, it’s fortunate St. Louis has several convenient sources for supplies and accessories where players can browse and buy the tools they need to keep them in play.