The Derby City Classic 2016 - John Pirkey

The largest US tournament officially kicks off today, and only four quick hours from St. Louis. I strongly urge any pool player or fan to make every effort to attend the DCC at least once. You will see and hear things there that you won't at any oth ... Continue

[Editorial] Why You Should Attend the Mosconi Cup - John Pirkey

About six months ago I decided that I was absolutely going to attend the Mosconi Cup in Las Vegas this year. I talked with some friends and we all decided to go together. In a nutshell, I am beyond thrilled that I went! There are plenty of other a ... Continue

Review: Bergman and Dominguez Battle at ABC - John Pirkey

O’Fallon, Missouri, isn’t a well-known destination for pool players, but on April 7-8, 2015, it was the focus of attention in the St. Louis area thanks to a challenge match played by former Mosconi Cup players Justin Bergman (2014) and Oscar Domingu ... Continue

Interview with Nick Evans - John Pirkey

I had a chance to have a conversation with up'n'coming player, Nick Evans. Nick has grown up in the St. Louis area and has moved through the official world of billiards through recognized channels, like the BEF. He's a junior national champion and ... Continue

Derby City Classic - John Pirkey

The Derby City Classic 2015 is underway and you can catch all the action via several online streams. The primary stream provided by Accu-Stats features all of the Bigfoot 10-ball Challenge this year. After that, they will showcase matches from the ... Continue

The Players Club - John Pirkey

The Players Club (TPC) was formed for the players. We will be putting on some small events, some big events, exhibitions, and much much more! We invite anyone who wants to be a part of it to join our mission to bring some big things to St. Louis. We ... Continue

[Editorial] Improving the Image of Pool - John Pirkey

Since this is Pool Awareness Week, I thought I'd write about something I'm quite passionate about: The Perception of Pool.Pool players gamble. It's a fact. Everyone, at some point in their pool career, has gambled. Hell, even before I knew what a ca ... Continue

Interview with Julia Gabriel - John Pirkey

We recently had a chance to sit down with Julia Gabriel, a long-time pool addict and respected competitor. She’s won countless tournaments over the years and competed in all manner of events ranging from small weekly tournaments to the big professio ... Continue

WPA World Junior Championship 2014 - John Pirkey

Hall of Fame player Jeanette Lee is offering her support, as well as the resources of her non-profit charitable organization, the Black Widow Foundation, to help America’s best junior players compete in the WPA World Juniors Championship. Nine of our ... Continue

How To Choose A League - John Pirkey

Choosing a league can be a tricky ordeal. If you are in any way serious about playing pool, you'll want to get the most return on your time, investment and money; but each of the leagues available offer a different experience. So, does one make the f ... Continue

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