Why we’re here:
When my passion for the sport originally took root, I found myself forced to rely on word of mouth or hours of online searching to find local pool events and resources. That was several years ago, but as 2014 proceeded along its merry way I continued to find myself (and others) frustrated by the lack of a central place for players to find out about local events, tournaments, leagues, and other pool-specific activities. A resource guide. A site that told me what I needed to know about my sport in my city.

As a pool player, blogger, and enthusiast who happens to enjoy a career as a web developer, I had the power to change that--and I have. The site you now explore is the result, and I hope to grow the sport's awareness, respectability and public participation through this new online resource.

How you can help:
One person alone can’t carry this effort--I’m doing all of this in my spare time (and out of my own pocket). I need the help of site visitors to keep the information current, accurate, and complete. If you see a listing for a location that is incorrect or missing details, please let us know. If you know of an event, whether it's a weekly tournament at your local corner bar, a traveling professional coming through town, or any other pool-related activity (charity event, etc.), please send me an email with the details so that information can be published here.

It would also be lovely if:
Considering the amount of effort that has gone into building and maintaining this site, community participation and words of appreciation mean quite a bit. If you like what I’m doing here send me an email telling me so--or, even better, use your social media connections and word of mouth to share the URL with your friends, teammates, other league players, and anyone who will listen.

In summary:
Thank you for visiting this site and, if you wish, joining our various Facebook and Google+ communities. Working together we can keep a collective finger on the pulse of pool in the St. Louis area, enhancing everyone’s enjoyment of this great sport through communication and awareness of events and community hot-spots. Together, we can put St. Louis back on the national map as a serious pool destination!

Swing straight and see you on the table!

John Pirkey
Administrator, StL Pool
Saint Louis, Missouri
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